This software package is payroll automation software which is designed for accountants and small businesses.

With this software package the user can complete their payroll processes with a few clicks of a mouse right in house. There are no monthly fees. This new software has a patent pending, is fully automated, and turns a time consuming and tedious job of payroll accounting into a routine task that takes only a few minutes.

Auto Payroll comes with a true database that allows the user to maintain payroll records for years. The software can also be used as attendance and timekeeping software with time sheets and a real time clock.

The software will allow the user to calculate payroll taxes for all US states. It can also generate paychecks with MICR check printing and paycheck processing components. It provides for the preparation of payroll and automatically generates the following tax forms: 1096, 1099-Misc, W-3, W-2, 940, 940EZ, and 941.

The software package will take care of all pay periods for non employee, commissioned, salaried, and hourly, salaried, and commissioned workers. It will automate employees’ benefit deductions including: 401K, medical FSA, dental, health, other deductions, and HR functions.

The software will generate a complete set of customizable tax and payroll reports that can be accessed at any time. Version 1.2 added enhanced product help features and tax forms W-2 and W-3.

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