For users looking for easy accessible options for changing the logon screens of XP and Windows Vista, LogonStudio is a good option. LogonStudio is a free application that allows users to conveniently change and customize new Logon screens. This application is yet another offering by Stardock. It is loaded with several logon screens to choose from, apart from more than thousand logon samples available for free with sites like

LogonStudio is equipped with four options, Create, Upload, Load and Upload. The Load option takes you to varied theme packages by Stardock and gives you the opportunity to use any one of them. Download takes the users to the community,, where you can download as many background images you want to. The create option lets you upload an image in a standard image format, like JPEG direct into the database of your system. And last, Upload helps you to visit wherein you get the opportunity to share your designs with the online community.

LogonStudio is available for free for those who have frequent needs for changing and customizing new background images on the logon screen. Its user friendly interface lets you change your logon image in just a few clicks. All you need to do is just edit and customize your logon screen with the visual editor. You can further upload this new image to your website, blog or post it in networking sites to share with your friends and colleagues. LogonStudio is compatible only with Windows Vista and Windows XP currently.

[ Download Logon Studio ]


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