Trim MP3s with Ease Using mpTrim

Do you face problems with large MP3 files that you recorded from streaming Internet Radio or streaming TVcasts? Many amateur users face this common problem while managing and recording audio/music files in their day-to-day lives. Although there are a lot of software packages out there that let you trim MP3s as you wish, they come with two problems: a) most of them are paid applications that cost a lot, and b) most of them re-encode the MP3 while trimming, leading to audio compression that further leads to a loss of sound quality.

mpTrim is one software that can save you on both counts in this matter. Not only is this handy utility absolutely free, it also prevents loss of sound quality by not encoding the file again when you carry out the trimming.

Once you have downloaded mpTrim and installed it on your PC, trimming MP3s is straightforward. mpTrim has a simple and easy-to-understand interface design that has no fancy clutter that could potentially confuse a new user. All you have to do is load the MP3 you want to trim, choose the start and end points, and trim it accordingly. The program then creates a new MP3 file with specified length and leaves the original MP3 as it is.

mpTrim also gives you a handle on certain basic aspects of the MP3 you create – such as the ID3 tags, the relative volume levels, fade ins and fade outs, bitrate/compression, etc. These fundamental handles can also help you to enhance the quality of the MP3 as per your convenience.

The only function that seems to be lacking in mpTrim is batch processing. It does not allow you to process multiple files at once, nor does it let you carry out multiple trimmings to a particular file at one go. However, it sure is handy in trimming MP3s.

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