Free Eraser to Delete Unwanted Files Permanently

Shredder is a device well known amongst many hardware units which shreds out important files and documents. Similarly, a freeware has been created by proficient programmers to delete files. This freeware is called Free Eraser.

When a file is marked for deletion from computer ideally it is not deleted permanently, but it leaves a mark on the hard drive occupying the space and leading to breach on privacy of those files.

This can actually be recovered through data recovery programs even after weeks of deletion marking it as a serious threat to security and corrupting important files on the system.

So, with respect to maintenance of the security and privacy of these files on your computer Free Eraser (1.0) version can be utilized. The version currently available is 1.0 Version.

It deletes the files completely out of the system. Once a file is marked for deletion, it is unrecoverable in the future no data recovery software’s can recover any number of deleted files.

Free-Eraser creates a recycle bin icon on the desktop. Now, each time a file is marked to be erased, it will be sent to Free Easer bin and there upon guided to empty files. It will automatically erase those files permanently.

Free-Eraser in reality is light and fast on your PC’s. It will also prompt users prior to the deletion of the files for good.

Hence, this is one of those necessary tools that can guard privacy and will operate like a good luck charm to Individuals.

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