The Processing and Analytics Workbench helps the user message data and perform integration of data tasks. This enables the user perform on the spot data analysis and custom report building. The user can import data from web pages, databases, text files, XML, CSV, and Excel spreadsheets.

The user can then summarize and consolidate with numerous down capabilities, find distinct values, convert and map fields, join and compare datasets, and perform numerous other manipulations. As the use works with his or her data, he/she can watch the changes occur and after doing so, the user will end up building a repeatable process which can be run automatically.

The software also serves a dashboard widget that serves as an omnipresent text editor pane.

The software’s author (PAW) is focused on technology professionals and power business users. It enables the user to get the job done quicker, with fewer contexts and hand offs switches.

Version 1.2.1 of this software adds performance enhancements for data integration, by joining 2 datasets of 2.5 million records each in less than 10 minutes on your laptop, numerous bug fixes and automatic software updates.

[ Download Processing And Analytics Workbench ]


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