Notepad is an immense utility device that has eased the web browsing experience of travelers. However, along with numerous advantages, notepad has certain disadvantages as well. The most exasperating disadvantage of a notepad is its power limitation. Most of the notepads can survive to work for just 3-4 hours without the continuous power supply. In most of the cases, users do not even come to know when their notepad gets disconnected from the power. They get annoyed when they learn about the disconnected power supply when it reaches its hibernating mode.

In the market, you will come across software that is specially designed to inform the users about their laptop’s battery. However, most of such software are not compatible with old versions of laptop. For such users, BatteryRun is one of the most powerful tools. This application well-informs the users when their notepad gets disconnected with the power supply.

BatteryRun is a command line utility program that keeps a close check on the connection of the power cable attached to your laptop. Once it gets disconnected, this tool initiates a user defined action. It further re-launches another user defined action once the power chord gets re-connected. For instance, you can direct this tool to play a particular sound once your laptop gets disconnected. It also alerts the users on the software or application that can potentially reduce the power consumption.

It is extremely easy to use. Download and run the installation files on your hard drive. You will notice an icon appearing on the system tray once this program is correctly installed.

[ Download BatteryRun ]


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