This software is a free application, that helps professionals make presentation, slide shows, and stage performances. You can also archive your pictures or music, public or personal jukebox, or disco. You can have words and music, manuscript or pictures coordinated together with just a few button clicks.

You will never again deafen an audience since a volume control is included. You can perform all of these tasks with or without a mouse and make your performance a completely professional experience. The program also features one finger search. Text and pictures can be shown in zoom mode or in standard screen. Loop plays, shuffles, continuous play and memory are accomplished with single key strokes.

Major features of this software include:
Synchronized text and/or pictures to audio;
Volume presets;
Super fast song search available for each playlist;
Display of current time;
Display of elapsed time;
One key operation;
Pause, stop, and start;
Fast forward and rewind;
Shuffle and continuous play;
One shot memory box for changes to playlist order or requests;
Current position and music length displayed in seconds;
Manual operation or automatic synchronization of required page changes, and;
Virtual instant loading of music.

Download Performa Pro Netbook Version ]


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