Monitoring the status of hardware and software inventory of a network is a tedious task. Software like Microsoft System Management Server, Novell Zenworks Suite makes it easier for big companies who have hundreds of PC’s in their network.

Using the above mentioned software comes for a price which makes the life of a network administrator easy. These software update the status of all the systems on one system, thereby eliminating the need of the network admin going system to system.

Disadvantages of these software / service is that they are paid and also, not worth the price if the company is of a smaller size where there are lesser number of computers.

Those who are looking for free software to monitor hardware and software over network devices, check out SpiceWorks.

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Spiceworks can be used by any company for free. Go to Spiceworks and download the installable files. Install the software on all the computers in the network. Once installed the users have to run the software and scan the complete system.

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The admin will have a common interface where the consolidated report from all the systems will be presented! SpiceWorks can scan servers, printers, computers, software over network for free.


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