Website down is one of the most common distresses faced by net surfers. This usually happens in case of the occurrence of a data base error. Your inaccessible website could be catastrophic for your business motives. It casts a bad impression on your regular site visitors if they experience frequent disruptions in accessing your site content. But not anymore! The site visitors can be well-informed about their website down via freeware web services. These web services keep a close check on your website and notify you through emails when your site gets down. One of the most dedicated tools that closely monitor’s your website’s downtime is Uptime Scout.

This tool has been specially designed to keep in mind the urgency of keeping your website’s downtime minimum. Uptime Scout is a small tray based application that keeps the users abreast on the uptime as well as the downtime of their site. It notifies you well in time about the availability as well as the unavailability of your site. It alerts you as pop-ups on your screen, SMSs and emails. You can set the monitoring frequency of this software up to a speed of 30 seconds. This service is much better than other commercial web services as they inform the site owners about their site’s inaccessibility only when it remains continuously down for more than 5 minutes.

Then software is available for all at free of cost. It does not require the installation of any other software to access its features. The easy-to-use interface of this software makes it accessible even for novice users.

[ Download Uptime Scout ]


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