PDF files are the best way to transport your data to remote users. This is one method that transports your files safely without altering them. When you send the files in PDF format you can be assured of their formats remaining intact. Most of the times the PDF file is password protected. This prevents the file from getting hacked. But if the owners / intended receivers of the PDF file forget the password, they may end up in trouble. Therefore, if you normally use PDF files for data transfers, you must know the way to crack its password in case you forget it.

First and the foremost way to encrypt the password protected PDF document is to email that document to your primary account as an attachment. Then simply open that file in the HTML mode. This is the easiest way to access the protected PDF file from your system. Then you can download certain password recover programs to decrypt the PDF files. One of the major password recovery programs is Advanced PDF Password Recovery Program [shareware].  This program optimizes the means of Mast, Brute Force, Dictionary Attack and Key Search. These methods help you to guess the correct password and remove the implied protection.

Another popular program to remove the password restrictions on the PDF file is PDF Password Remover. This program is used best to decrypt files that have restrictions set by the owner. These restrictions prevent the third party from accessing, printing, editing the files. This program can open files in any PDF viewer.

I tried to find some free PDF password removal software, but none available out there are effective. The above mentioned freewares do a good job, but again they come with a limited free trial. If you think you’ll need to use this software often (which mostly is not the case for many of us), go ahead and buy a license. Otherwise, the limited shareware is good enough for most others.


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