Audacity is a premiere digital audio editor. Audacity is an open source sound editor available to all for free download. It an amazing recorder for the entire cross platforms like popular windows, GNU/Linux operating systems, MAC OS X.

The latest version has the new Welcome Screen which gives a brief introduction on the functioning of Audacity. It is compatible with VAMP audio analysis plug-ins. This version offers you more shortcuts to make your navigation easy and hassle free. You can select all the audio files in project by default. It alerts you with the sound of a beep when a longer activity gets completed. Further, you can make various changes to the audio files with the inbuilt features of this tool. This tool offers a wide range in audio editing and fixing features. You also have the provisions of copying, pasting and repeating the entire tracks or some portions of them. It also offers support to numerous languages.

This latest version features Metadata editor. With the help of this editor, you can easily export files in formats like OGG, WAV/AIFF, FLAC. Further, the tracks that are manually muted by the user are not audible in the exported mix. This version is better equipped to record a live audio. It efficiently converts all the music tracks saved in your tapes to CDs and other digital form. It allows you to mix and merge various sound tracks together and form your own original track. You can also change the pitch or the speed of the song at the time of recording.

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