CDCheck is a freeware utility tool that detects the damaged files in your system along with their possible errors. It further deploys stringent measures to recover your damaged files and dissuade those files from further damages. This tool conducts thorough scans on your CDs to detect the disrupting errors. It further indicates which files are corrupted and which ones might face future damages. CDCheck gives you precise reports on where exactly the errors are. This tool alerts you on the right time to fix the errors before it gets too late.

This application features an immense utility comparison option. This feature helps you to select the reference directory within your hard drive. It makes sure that the contents saved in the disc matches completely with those saved in the directory. Further, it gives you a prompt alert in case any portion of the data does not match. Above all the features, CDCheck supports an amazing feature that creates the CRC files. These files are a way to ensure utmost security of the files saved in your CD. Further, this application can be easily used with other removable media. Some popular modes of media supported by this tool are disk drives, ZIP drives, floppy disks etc. It is a reliable pro-active agent that ensures the safety of your files and other data forms saved in all your removable media.

CDCheck can be optimized for personal use only. You can create a free account by filling up the registration form. After you successfully create an account, you can login and use this tool as per your discretion.

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