If you are looking for a free solution for shrinking original DVD’s to other drives, then you should download DVDShrink. Back up of DVD movies can now be easily taken in MS Windows by you with the help of this freeware.

As the name suggests this software shrinks the movie or the content of the DVD, by re-encoding it in lower quality or/and abandoning additional content like foreign-language audio tracks. This is done to fit the movie that was originally on a 8.5GB double layered DVD into a 4.7GB single layered DVD.

The application has a very small footprint- it comprises of a 1MB sole executable file. This freeware has attributes like a VBR encoder as well as a decryption algorithm. The software permits user definition of dissemination of compression over the DVD.

The software works by shrinking videos to less than their actual size to fit on a single layer DVD or user-defined size. The shrinking or compression of videos causes quality loss, and this loss may be reduced by checking options like Adaptive-Error-Compensation and Deep-Analysis. The only blip with these options is that they are time consuming.

Once the compression process is over you get an ISO file/ DVD VIDEOTS folder.

DVD shrink permits the user to compress individual DVD tracks but it does not authorize complete removal of DVD content portions as this could capsize the DVDs menu-software. Sound tracks or subtitles can however be removed.

This DVD trans-coder can prove very useful when you have recorded video footage on 8cm discs of video camcorders. DVD shrink can compress these videos to fit standard-size DVDs compatible with ordinary DVD players and Apple Mackintosh’s slot-loading drives.

[ Download DVDShrink ]


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