If you are looking for a freeware to split MP3 files, then Split MP3 is a good option. The output of split MP3 can be converted to various formats (MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, FLAC, M4A or AC3) before it is saved on your local drive. Other noticeable interesting feature of Split MP3 is, the bitrate control. Using the bitrate control feature, you can adjust the quality of the MP3 file which affects the size of the MP3 file.

How Can I Cut/Split MP3 Music Files ?

Split MP3 is very easy to use and cutting MP3 files with Split MP3 is a breeze. All you need to do is, import the file into Split MP3 and play it by pressing the ‘Play Selected‘ button.

Free Software To Split MP3 Music Files

You can mark the beginning from where you want to split and end point till where you want to split using the using the Mark Start And Mark End buttons respectively.

Then click the Direct Save button if you want to save the file in MP3 version and in case you want to change the format, select format from the drop down, and click on Convert Save. The file will be saved in the output directory you select when u click on the save button.

[ Download Split MP3 ]


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