If you have an extremely busy person who likes to be updated with your calender events on the move, then you should try getting yourself familiar with Google sync services, especially the one which is freely available for your mobile phone. Google Sync for mobile phone is available for BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile and many other phones, using which you can sync your Calendar and Address book with Google mail / account !

Google Sync is a simple yet immense utility tool that keeps your saved contacts and calendar alerts in sync between your Google account and calendar. This is a free software especially designed for blackberry mobiles. This tool makes the synchronizing process between the Gmail contacts and Google calendar very easy. With the help of this tool, you can access your Google contacts and calendar alerts from your Blackberry phone even when there is no network coverage.

This technology has made the accessibility to information easy. You can now gain access to your important information on the calendar or an important contact literally through any device that can be connected to internet. If your Blackbverry cell phone is installed with this tool, then it will automatically alert you for the upcoming appointment with a particular sound or vibration. This tool runs in the background, thus it does not occupy much of storage space available.

Sync offers provisions to enable two-way synchronization between your Google applications and Blackberry cell phone. This means that your Google contacts and calendar remains synchronized regardless of their access from your system of the cell phone. You can further, add, edit, delete, rename contacts as well as calendar entries from your Smartphone. This can be done just the way you edit your contact information or calendar alerts via your system. You can easily download this tool by visiting the website, m.google.com/sync from the internet explorer of your Blackberry phone. Simply download the link and enjoy calendar and contact sync!

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