EasyBCD is an advanced bootloader modification application. It is specially designed to give the complete control of their Windows’ Vista programs to the users. Its clean and crisp logical interface offers you all the features required for creating a multi-OS boot system. This immense utility program makes it extremely easy for you to manage your system booting into another OS.

EasyBCD has been launched by a non profit endeavor, NeoSmart Technologies. Its advanced features help you to configure and tweak the latest Bootloader compatible with Window Vista. It is great at managing dual boot configuration between Windows Vista 7 and its previous versions. You can further set up dual booting between Windows Vista and either of Linux, Mac OSX and BSD.

This tool has been loaded with highly advanced features that work wonders at repairing and configuring bootloader. One of its most used tools is “Manage Bootloader”. This tool allows users to switch between Windows Vista and Windows XP bootloaders. You can further configure a new bootloader in NTLDR and BOOTMGR respectively at a simple click of a button. It offers excellent provisions to save a backup and restore the boot configuration files. These backup copies can be further used for testing and file recovering purposes.

This tool comes with an add-on feature, EasyBCD Gamer. This allows users to easily install both Windows XP and Windows Vista in your system. This tool offers you provisions to access and play all the games in Windows XP which cannot be run in Windows Vista.

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