MyUninstaller is an immense utility tool that displays a thorough list of the installed applications and grants the full control of the applications to the users. With this tool you can easily view all the applications in use, uninstall them and delete the uninstalled applications at utmost convenience. Further, you can save the new list of installed applications to HTML format or .txt format. This application is an excellent alternative to the standard add / remove operations of Windows Operating System. It successfully displays all the imperative information on the application which the standard remove/add applets of Windows fail to display. The list of such important information include, company, product name, uninstall string, version, installation folder and much more.

MyUninstaller does not require the installation of any software, plug-ins or extra DLLs for its execution. All you need to do is just copy the executable file into any folder and click on “RUN”. After the file runs, MyUninstaller will get loaded in your system within a few minutes. After you run this application, you will be provided with a comprehensive list of installed applications in your system along with its detailed information. The loading and analyzing process may range between 5-15 seconds depending on the number of applications installed in your system, hardware and your operating system.

The application supports all the versions of Windows Operating System, starting from Windows 98 until Windows Vista. Users can easily run this application in both GUI as well as Command line mode.

[ Download MyUninstaller ]


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