Synchronization is a popular activity implemented on varied email servers. This is done to access their inbox when their system is not connected to internet. Sometimes, the users opt to sync their data in two different locations. They may select two different servers, disks, or computers for synchronizing their data. However, synchronization is a bad option if your data is large sized. Synchronizing large sized data slows down the speed and performance output of your system. In such a situation, DSynchronize is the best tool. This is a freeware multi-utility tool that allows users to easily synchronize more than two folders in a LAN or FTP.

This tool allows the users to decide for the time and date for synchronization. You can further add time and date of sync as the name of the folder. With this tool you can also ensure a series of backup for all your folders. Users can easily distinguish between the backup copies via their specified name, time and date of sync. The backup option of this tool helps you to further save the previous versions of modified files as well.

You can directly download this software from your browser. DSynchronize is a standalone file synchronization tool that does not require the installation of additional plug-ins. Its advanced features support file filters and bi-directional synchronization. You can direct this tool to conduct an automatic synchronization of your folders by running it as a windows service. It occupies a space of 160 KB only. Thus it does not tamper with your system’s speed or efficiency at all.

[ Download DSynchronize ]


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