With the support of UK financier Alki David, FilmOn the free streaming service, brings users to live streams of various TV stations in LA, from browsers to iPads. It is a small price to pay for greater benefits, which means to say that NBC,CBS,Fox, and ABC are now reachable for those who pay $9.95/month as a minimum package, and a higher price of $24.95/month lets you watch movies by the pay-per-view scheme. There is no free access to XXX station.

David has said that ‘FilmOn which is currently on talks with the important cable providers has ideas of providing total syndicate cable TV service all over US by 2011. You can also avail free service from BBC news, Sky News, CNN International and Dubai Sport. Users, who do not hold an iPad and yet wish to obtain the services, will have to be satisfied with a choice of 4 important broadcast networks only.

In such cases they are free to choose viewing either on their browser or on a FilmOn supported player which can be downloaded. But now the question arises as to who will carry the burden of this free service? Because few TV networks are quite upset and have filed a law suite on FilmOn. But financier Alki David believes he is doing nothing illegal and stands for his services. He is prepared to fight a tough battle if need be.

FilmOn is a superior quality TV streaming service bringing live streams from 25 channels Bloomberg, ITV included. What is important to note is that it does not require an app and you are free to view the channels on your iPhone’s mobile Safari Browser. It comes from very good quality with no complaints, and poses a tough competition in the field therefore the need to use high coaxing marketing techniques.

The idea of the company is to lure as many users as possible through their free services. It furnishes you with audio streams as well. The drawback of constant commercials which cannot be avoided unfortunately, if it can be overcome, then ther is great news for FilmOn. All you need to do is navigate to FilmOn.com on your iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad and choose the TV channel you wish to watch.

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