Disposable Virtual Phone Number To Safe Guard Your Personal Number

Giving away your personal number to an unknown person or someone, who cannot be trusted, might be awkward. Certain places like events or contest you are asked to fill in your personal number. This might later result in you receiving unnecessary calls, irritating and possibly affecting you personal life. Is there a way to protect your personal number from such people?

There is a free-service which will help you to overcome this problem. This free-service called as “inumbr“, generates a temporary phone number and will forward all calls to a fixed line or a mobile that is defined by you.

iNumber software also allows a person to talk to another without having to share the number. Open inumbr web portal and generate a new temporary phone number. Now any call received on this number will be directed to your defined fixed line or mobile. The number generated from inumbr facility can also be set to expire within a stipulated time like within a month, week, day or hour.

The best feature available with this service is that one can also configure two numbers to maximize the probability of individuals reaching you. Every single call to this inumbr facility will be directed to a phone be it a fixed line or mobile according to the precedence being set. If a user is not reachable on both the numbers then a recorded voice mail of the caller will be mailed to the user’s mailbox.

Other best features with inumbr are as follows:

1. It filters and blocks calls from the telemarketing companies.

2. Allows a caller to record a small greeting so that a user can decide either to reject or answer a call, after hearing the greeting.

3. Provides a detailed record of all received calls with details such as the duration, calling number, timestamp etc.

inumbr facility is operational only in US as of now and is available within 23 us cities for now. A new plan to make this available within other cities and Europe and Canada is on the rolls. This service is presently in maintenance, but few old subscribers can continue to use this service. A new subscriber wishing to be informed about the availability of this service can subscribe to their newsletter to be updated about the services.

inumbr free-service is the best solution available for users trying to avoid annoying telemarketers, promotional service, anonymous calls. This service provides the best protection for your personal number safeguarding your identity too.

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