Tweetie is a simple, yet a powerful twitter client for MAC OS X.

Managing twitter conversations is very easy with Tweetie. If you have had a long conversation with your friend, you won’t lose track of it, as with Tweetie, by double clicking you’ll get the complete conversation history. I seriously think, this is one of the best features and recommend it to be officially included in twitter. Otherwise, you know it’s quite a mess if you have to search through a pile of messages for a particular conversation with a friend, and it’s a headache if you have loads of friends and you twitter very often.

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Composing a twit is made easier. Open as many independent compose windows as you want. Fill each one of them with your thoughts and use keyboard shortcuts to send the messages.

Want to keep yourself updated with the hottest discussions happening on twitter right now? Tweetie’s one click solution to search through the current most popular topics will come handy.

Twitter is very public – what ever you type in, can be read by everyone who’s following you. However, if you really want to have private conversations, then you can make use of Twitters Direct Message service. Tweetie gives a whole new dimention to Direct Messages now as all your messages will be stored as threaded discussions. So, it’s more like live chat, rather than Twitter’s direct messaging service.

There are a lot of other features Tweetie offers, like you can drill down to a user detail, read up all their tweets and replies to those tweets. Bookmarklet is integrated with twitter and also you can change your preferences to make sure Tweetie works the way you want.

Tweetie is available for iPhone as well !

Tweetie is free to use, but is ad supported. If you want to get rid of Tweetie, then you’ll have to buy a license, which costs you around $19.95.

[ Tweetie for MAC ]

[ Tweetie for iPhone ]


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