Process Explorer is an immense utility examination and monitoring system. This application can be effectively used for detecting and debugging system problems and software. It works great at alerting the users about the occurrence of system errors and problems. It gives you detailed information on the handles and DLLs that are in use or being loaded by the user.

The interface of Process Explorer consists of 2 sub windows. The topmost windows display the detailed information on the list of processes currently in use. This application acquaints users with the information like names of the owning accounts of the active processes etc. On the other hand, the information presented on bottom windows directly depends on the existent mode of the Process Explorer. If it is in the handle mode, you should find the detailed information on the handles reflected by the top window. If the application is in the DLL mode, one will view all the memory mapped data as well as DLLs loaded by the process.

The unique feature of this application is that its potent features instantly detect and inform the users about the problems in DLL version, handle leaks etc. The application has been launched by Sysinternals. It is highly compatible with majority of the versions in Microsoft Windows. Some of its key features include its capacity to display company name and icons next to each process. This gives ease to the user to promptly learn about details of the process they are using. Further, it can easily suspend selected process as well as kill or eliminate the complete tree process.

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