Xara LX is opensource software which is used for building applications related to vector graphics. The application is not yet fully grown as compared to similar ones in the market. However, new features and functionalities are added to the application on a continuous basis which increases the performance of the software at a rapid rate.

As a result of the continuous development program, this program is still not available as full blown application. A sneak preview is what is available to gauge its potential and to get a feel of what to expect in the near future.

Vector graphics applications are quite complex in nature. While the functionalities could be many, it may not be easy to understand and achieve these. Most of the graphic applications in this segment try to form a balance between what is possible and what is easy.

Often the application is used to draw simple diagrams by making use of the in built libraries and functions. However, the real test for the vector graphics applications lies in the rendering speed which is the speed at which an image is redrawn whenever there is a change in some parameters.

One of the drawbacks of Xara LX is the problem with its SVG import filter whose efficiency is not up to the mark.

[ Download Xara LX ]


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