If you feel the need for a Virtual CD ( also known as CD Emulators), then you should consider using MagicDisc, a freeware available in the market to solve your virtual drive problems.

Virtual CD/ DVD are emulators that create virtual CD as well as DVD drives in your system. This tool is so efficacious that your system treats these drives as real CD or DVD drives. Virtual CD or DVD is compatible with Windows Vista. It bears a validated Microsoft certified driver of both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. A virtual CD basically virtualizes your real CDs storing data or music. The data saved in these virtual tools do not get compressed on your hard disk.

The virtual CD or DVD is specially designed to allow your PC to run the programs from the CDs and DVDs. When you install a virtual CD on your system, you have provisions to mount an ISO image of the real CD on it. Thus, there is absolutely no need to insert a real CD to access its stored data. One of the advantageous aspects of these drives is that they run at a much faster speed than the real CDs. Unlike the real CD drives, the virtual drives do not utilize the space of your hard disk.

In addition, MagicDisc is yet another application that allows users to access their data / content from a virtual CD-ROM. With this application you can easily optimize all the CD images without the need of burning them on the CD or DVD. This software allows users to access their games at a speed 200 times faster than from a real CD ROM. MagicDisk saves your data free from the hazards of virus, spyware and adware.

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