Secunia software is a free online inspector for your system that checks for the security Vulnerability of the all the software in your PC. Security Vulnerability is nothing but a bug that enters your program. This makes your system prone to attacks and harmful invasions by remotely located systems, websites, emails etc. Secunia is not an anti-virus software. It is a unique software that checks up all the installed applications and software in your system. It launches measures to check if the software installed is of the latest version or not. All the installations in their latest version keep your PC safe and away from potentially threatening invasions.

Secunia is an open source security measure. It has been designed for the sole purpose of shielding your system from possible attacks. It thoroughly scans your system for the validations of your uploaded software. It further offers step-by-step guidance on the application of the patches. This simplifies the otherwise complicated process of patching. It alerts you right on time about the presence of vulnerable software in your system. The interface of this software is extremely fast, free and intuitive. This keeps all the patches saved in your system up-to-date in no time.

To confirm the patch status for all the applications, simply click on “Start” button present on the window of the software. This software inspector then scans your entire system and presents you the list of discrepancies and vulnerabilities. It supports applications like versions of Adobe Reader, Firefox, Flash, AIM, QuickTime, iTunes, Windows, MSN Messenger, Thunderbird, RealPlayer, Opera, WinAmp, Skype, WinZip, Yahoo Messenger, and ZoneAlarm.

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