I was looking for a net based helpdesk software for a particular project I am starting. I did a bit of research and found this one to be quite handy.

Trouble Ticket Express net based help desk software is free and extraordinarily straightforward to install. The wants to install this Difficulty Ticket eXpress Internet based help desk software is : Hosting account with CGI scripting enabled. Both Unix and Windows NT servers are entirely supported. Access to sendmail or smtp relay. That is all!

Installing the Trouble Ticket eXpress Internet based help desk software takes less than five mins.
1. Unzip ttx.zip on your local drive.
2. Edit *.cgi files if required : the first line contains full pathname to Perl. Default settings work on most systems, but you check with your director if uncertain.
3. Create Scripts Directory ( if does not exist ) on your Internet server. Confirm net server can execute scripts from this directory. Set access rights ( Unix servers only ) to 755.
4. Upload all *.cgi and *.pm files to the Scripts Directory on your net server in ASCII mode. Please note, you need to use ASCII mode when uploading scripts to your net server.
5. ( Unix only ) Set 755 mode for all *.cgi files you have uploaded to your server.
6. Upload all *.gif files to the Scripts Directory directory in BINARY mode. Seven. Enter URL of setup.cgi script into your browser address string and hit Enter key.

You must see System Setup Magician screen. Eight. Complete setup using Setup Magician and enjoy using the FREE Internet based help desk software!

[ Download free internet based help desk software ]


  1. In our company we are happy with Help desk authority .

    It includes a fair set of features for managing support requests.
    What we really enjoy in this solution is the asset management because you can inventory your computer assets easily.
    The asset information can be added to the support ticket which really speeds up the troubleshooting process.

  2. Sounds really cool especially that it is for free. Thanks for the info especially the sep by step installation. It really helps a lot not only for me but for all interested browsers!


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