Web2.0 STYLr is a web based logo creator that help bloggers and website owners to create their own personalized logos. Web2.0 STYLr is one of most popular means of creating logos owing to the wide variety of styles offered in logos. You would find more than 6 different logo designs to choose from. A huge variety in fonts and colors are offered by this service. You can also opt for various effects like ‘mirror effect’ to further beautify your picture. If you are attempting to make your website’s or company’s logo for the first time, you can view what others have created from the “hall of fame” section. You can also create innovative and small badges for your blog from the blog button page.

All you need to do is enter the text of your logo and experiment with various fonts available in the list and then choose the best one. You can further enhance the appeal of your logo image by entering its URL and then selecting the best background color, gradient blend and color blend of the image. Enter the logo text, URL of the icon image and the URL of your blog. Always select the colors that go in tandem with the design of your blog. After you are satisfied with all the settings, click on “web2.0styl it” and get a stylish web2.0 style logo for your website. Last, save the logo in the JPEG format in your computer and upload it in your blog or website.

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