Recently, we wrote about eXeScope, a free tool to modify and customize windows application look and feel. Today, lets talk a look at ResEdit, which is similar to eXeScope.

Using ResEdit you can edit the resources of Win32 programs. Like eXeScope this can be used to change dialops, icons, version information or any other meta data related information of resources.

Free Win32 Editor Program

You’ll need Win32 compilers like MinGW and Microsoft Visual C++ to compile the output files of ResEdit. You need a C++ compiler or Win32 header files (mainly windows.h and commctrl.h) to open files which use Win 32 API symbolic constants.

With ResEdit’s Advanced Dialog Editor, you can edit most Win32 Controls like Edit controls, buttons, Pictures, Images, Headers and such. It also includes a basic picture, which can be used edit and modify images, icons, cursors and bitmaps.

[ Download ResEdit ]


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