EASEUS Disk Copy is potent freeware that allows users to easily copy all the parts of a particular hard drive to another hard ware. In other words, this application enables sector to sector disk copy to another disk, regardless of your operating system. This sector to sector copy ensures you an identical copy of the contents of your original hardware. This application is best used for creating identical backups and clones. It also help users with the benefit of upgrading the contents saved in a small hard drive into a larger drive.

EASEUS Disk Copy is one of the most efficacious solutions available today to maintain the backup of files and folders saved in old hard drives. You can easily ensure backup copies of lost files, inaccessible files or accidentally deleted files without any fear of further data loss. This application is comparatively faster than other backup software as it is only based on files. After you copy the files into a new hard drive, you can further manage partition with high-tech inbuilt features. One of such features is Extend System partition. With this feature users can enhance the output of their system and efficiently manage their hard disk space without disrupting the stored data.

The immense utility features of this application supports file applications like delete, resize, remove, format, hide, unhide and create. It supports absolute cloning of disks with size up to 1 GB. Its user friendly graphical interface makes it a convenient usage for novice users. It highly supports system booting from CD/ DVD as well.

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