We all have gone through the problem in which our computer cannot accommodate files more. It is when the computers memory is full, this can cause major problems whether for professional or a casual user. The need for space in computers is vital if they are to be used.

Vista system accumulates lot unnecessary files, which is during its daily operating especially since the individual frequently browses and surfs the Internet. There is bound to be accumulation of files that are not wanted.

Such files include: Temporary files which famous for all those with .tmp or ._mp file extension; Log files, normally with .log file extension, can be installation log, error log, process log and etc; Recovered lost files with .chk extension; Temporary help files with .gid extension; Temporary backup files with .old or .bak extension; Temporary Internet files, or stored copy of WebPages, images and media cache for Internet Explorer web browser.

The size of all contents within this folder can grow extremely huge up to hundreds of megabytes or even several gigabytes if not clear periodically. In order to help an individual get rid of such unusable and unwanted files Windows

Vista has a system junk cleaner. System junk cleaner is a simple script that is meant to get rid of all the aforementioned files. These files are deleted one by one and free space is created for the user for more important things. However, the cleaner can take some time, but gives a invaluable service.

[ Download Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner version 1.1 ]


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