Are you planning on upgrading your laptop with recent Nvidia driver? Or do you intend to utilize other Windows drivers? Then, you need to download driver cleaners in order to get rid of earlier Nvidia drivers from your computer. Doing this manually is not done very well, because inspite of you removing the earlier Nvidia drivers, there are still chances of a few driver components remaining and that can be harmful to your computer.

Hence it is always advisable to swipe Windows drivers through driver cleaner software only, for better results.


In case you want to update or make changes in the drivers, you find that the earlier settings quietly stay in the registry entries itself. That’s why your computer consumes a lot more usage. Don’t you feel it is good to get rid of the old drivers via installer which helps eliminate the unnecessary drivers [Nvidia video drivers.] through a process called ‘Video Driver Cleaners.’


This is a freeware video driver cleaner for Nvidia to tidy out Nvidia drivers totally from your Windows system. In case you are not successful, then you have to download this recommended freeware. Here, you are dealing with dismissing Nvidia cleaner, but with the driver sweeper of your choice, by studying the drivers which need to be wiped out thoroughly.

Drivers like creative [sound], ATI, Ageia [Physx], Nvidia video drivers may be add to your list too. After the driver sweeper or any other video cleaner supplement for Windows has been set up properly, check and re-check for the dismissal of unnecessary drivers. Once all this is done, you must reboot the system and reset fresh drivers!


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