Most of the computers are loaded with standard screen savers. These screen savers are nothing beyond a window of flying stars or flashing 3 D pipes. If you find these fixed standards in screen saves boring to the hilt, you can now build your own screen saver. InstaSaver is a powerful application that lets you make your own screen savers with your favorite pictures. This is a freeware online application that lets you convert your beautiful pictures into interesting screen savers.

InstaSaver is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is visit the website and upload your favorite pictures. This application allows you to upload around ten pictures at the same time. Users can use saved pictures from their system files, or they can upload pictures from the net. This tool offers you provisions to import files saved in your flickr account. It allows you to upload any picture with a size as large as 512 KB.

InstaSaver offers you numerous options to set the dimensions of your picture. You can further access many settings options like gradient, color, slide, stretch, background, speed etc. You will have an option of choosing one background from a variety of ten. This tool encourages you to give fire to your imagination to produce an absolutely creative screensaver.

This tool effectively produces screen savers after processing them with around 150 transition effects. This application further allows you to share your creation with your peers and colleagues. It is easily supported by Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

[ Download InstaSaver ]


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