SUMo better known as Software Update Monitor is a utility tool that alerts users about the latest software updates. The application has been recently released by KC Software. SUMo gets updated by keeping a close eye on the various social networking sites. Experienced users tout SUMo as one of the best means of getting updated with the latest alerts on net. It is faster than both UDN and Secunia’s PSI.

SUMo is loaded with advanced features like Update Checker and Update Notifier. These two options take you directly to the webpage of the recent software introduced in the online market. These WebPages give you comprehensive information on the software. They include details on the feature aspect, versions, date of launch etc. You also see a review column where you get a first experience of the users optimizing the latest software.

The striking feature of this tool is that it alerts you on the newest software which is not confined to security updates. It gives you the freedom to decide the programs / software you want SUMo to search for updates. You can simply do this by dragging the name of the programs into SUMo’s open window.

This tool is a great way to keep your self updated on the latest software available. It saves you from the pain of conducting several searches to dig out news on the latest software alerts. Its easy to use interface makes it an extremely comfortable use by both novice and experienced users. It is extremely easy to install. You do not need the support of a second software or additional plug-ins to access its features.

[ SUMo (Software Update Monitor) ]


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