Subscribers throughout India especially Haryana, were eagerly awaiting the release of Mobile Number Portability [MNP] option, which was earlier to be released on November 1, but it has now been postponed to November solace is that they have at least fixed a definite date for the release.

Reportedly, Operators’ Networks have already been tested ok. MTNL was the one operator who was a step behind, as disclosed by the Government in the Parliament last August. But now all is set and the Government is ready for publishing the services.

Send an SMS from your number to 1900 and your ready to receive this service. You will be given a ‘unique porting code’ by your present service provider, which you can in turn hand it over to your new service provider of your area. This enables the user to retain their number even while switching the service providers.

It is now an anxious wait for the users, whether it is November 25th or not. You can always keep your fingers crossed!

The MNP is proposed to be launched in phases, the first phase to be in Haryana, and later spread to 11 different circles throughout the country. Although it is not disclosed as to how the distribution will take place, one can take a wild guess to say that the smaller cities and rural areas where the operators may not face too much of a crowd will be benefited first. Bigger and Metro cities may be last in the line.

Syniverse Technologies has been chosen to lead the first phase. The Telecom department gave license to Syniverse Technologies and MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions a 74:26 joint venture between US-based Telcordia and Deepak Talwar Consultant Pvt.Ltd to implement the Mobile Number Portability.

Speaking for the customer, this MNP is sure to create a spark in the telecom industry bringing about cold wars among the operators, while the customer makes most of the situation. It would be a clash for prices, says Analysts. It was earlier postponed as the operators were not yet ready for commitment!



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