Splash Up is one of the best online photo-editing software. Its multiple features and tools transcend your photo-editing experience to a level beyond contentment. In fact, by many users, this software is touted as one of the best replacement for Adobe. Splash Up, after being downloaded can be used any where and anytime within the browser.

The superb color palette offered by Splash Up contains a vast variety in natural colors. Its user-friendly tools like magic wand, paint bucket, dropper, move, free hand crop, extract, paint brush, erase and many others fire your imagination to the hilt and help you produce innovative pictures at par with professional standards. Apart from its customizable interface, its innovative features take you to the next level of photo-editing.

Splash Up has collaborated with varies social networking sites like facebook, orkut, hi5 et al so as to allow users to share their pictures immediately after editing them. With Splash Up you can also select, upload, beautify pictures by editing them and then save those pictures without having to save in a system. You can later upload these pictures and share them with your peers and colleagues by posting them on social networking sites.

To access Splash Up, all you need to do is create an account to download the software for free. Choose the picture that needs edition and experiment with various tools to enhance its appeal to perfection. Owing to its easily comprehensible and easy-to-access tools, Splash Up has gained immense popularity among amateur photographers and novice photo editors.

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