Generating Self-Destructive Addresses Of Email Via Melt Mail


You might have come across many websites which ask you to first register on their web sites in order to get the information. In most of the cases, they would ask you to furnish your e-mail address so that they are able to communicate with you in future. However, from our past the IMS is, we know if we give away our information in internet it will relate to our inbox being filled with junk mails and spam.

In order to access the information on those websites, we have no other choice but give them the email address. We can obviously register new spam-trap for that particular email address which works only for the specified purpose. We can discard it whenever we do not need it. However, this process is time consuming as well could be quite an irritation.

If the user is facing this problem, they can try out the other ways which includes exploiting disposable services of email for example Melt Mail.

This is a disposable service of email which generates disposable address for that email for the convenience of the users. The users can use their disposable email address for their purposes between stipulated periods of time which again can be determined by the users themselves. For example: 3 hours or 6 hours or maybe 12 hours etc.

Melt Mail is basically a web based service that comes for free to the users. It consists of a simple interface which is quite easy to use. The user who wants to create an email address which is disposable can just go through Melt Mail. Here you can register for their e-mail address, and then specify the span of the life span for that email.

After the specified period expires, that email address generated by Melt Mail will be automatically deleted and hence no email will be posted to user’s email account. This is one great trick to avoid having on your e-mail addresses whenever you are forced to give them.


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