Off late, I’ve been hooked to angry birds, and I admit it’s quite an addictive game. Angry birds is available for various platforms – for your iPhone / iPad / Android phones and those who do not have any of these gadgets, there’s nothing to worry, as it freely available for you to play on your chrome / desktop version ( too available for free.

How to get Angry Birds on Google Chrome :

To get angry birds on Google chrome visit : . Click on the Install option (you must be logged in to your Gmail account). You are done. AngryBirds  app will be installed on Chrome. The only catch is, you MUST have an active internet connection while you install the game.

Every time you wish to play the game, click open a ‘New Tab‘ and AngryBirds will be listed under apps. Those who do not wish to open a New Tab every time, this post simplifies the process.

Note: You can play AngryBirds on Chrome even if you are not connected to internet, it’s as good as playing it offline.

How To Get 3 Stars In All Three Levels Of Angry Birds:

It’s hard to figure out how to get 3 stars in all levels of AngryBirds, however iAddict00 makes your life easier. He / She has uploaded video how-tos explaining how you can get 3 stars in all levels.

You can visit iAddict’s channel here.

It is very helpful 🙂


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