Get 3D Player Enabled In Youtube Videos

3D Movies is the next big thing in the field of movies. The popularity of this latest technology has forced corporate players to field in their strategies and plans in order to gain maximum profits. Google has already started having a look into this prospect.

Google using its popular video sharing website, YouTube, is in the process to develop new ways that will enable users enjoy videos in 3D. The development of this process is still extremely preliminary and is in an experimental stage. For now, users can try the 3D visual effect on some of the video clips on YouTube via YouTube’s latest Stereoscopic Player also known as the 3D Movie Player.

Google these days is trying and testing some of the movie clips in 3D. The company has distributed a video in 3D and can be checked by users to have a feel of it. Presently ten 3D styles are available for the user to choose as per their liking.

 Some of the styles available are cyan/red glasses with an optimizer, cyan/red glasses with full color, cyan/red glasses with black and white effects, blue/amber glasses with black and white effects, blue/amber glasses with full color, green/magenta glasses with black and white effect, green/magenta glasses with full color, parallel, mirror split, cross eyed, Right Image and Left Image Only.

Users are going ahead with the 3D videos and would prefer enabling a 3D player in the movies or clips uploaded by them. There are some of the provisional tags given below that help in enabling the 3D player or the Stereoscopic Player. The most commonly used tags are

Yt3d: enable=true: this parameter or command is to enable the 3D Player.

Yt3d: aspect=3:4: this parameter is used to set the encoded clips aspect ratio.

Yt3d: swap=true: this parameter helps in swapping the right and left sources. Users will be required to add this parameter to their videos.

Yt3d: left=0_0.1_0.5_0.9 and the Yt3d: right=0.5_0.1_1_0.9: these are the most provisional tags and are also extremely useful when it comes to fix up the older videos. They help in setting up the area of the source for a single eye using coordinates x1_y1_x2_y2. 0,0 is the coordinates scale from the topmost left to 1,1 at bottom right.

Other than the above mentioned parameters, the user is advised to avoid left & right. The source should be made as large as possible according to the frame. It is also required to set the yt3d: aspect parameter correctly.


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