Get A Free Invitation To Sign Up With Latest Google Wave Program

Google Wave is one of the most anticipated programs and it has already created ripples over internet. All new communication application of next generation namely Google Wave is pretty helpful with which you can collaborate with web, email, chat, wikis, blog and social networking in real time. Anyone can experience the power of such online services in real time.

For now, to use this service you must have an invitation with you. About 100K invitations have been already sent by Google. These invitations are sent to those adopters who are engrossed to try this tool with their hands. However, the users who haven’t got any such invitation should follow the two ways given below and get free Google Wave invitations.

Method 1

As the first way, you can send the invitation request to Google Wave team in order to use this amazing program. You will receive invitation along with the invitation code link. To sign up for this program you should use the given invitation code link. You can request for as invitation with the help of following link.

Method 2

A user who is already using Google Wave can send the invitations. So, you can ask for the invitation to your friends or some one if he has a Google Wave account. This invitation code link will be automatically sent to your email address.

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