Remote Process Explorer is an efficient tool that allows users to manage all their processes on a remote computer. It is one of the most potent tools for gaining a full control on your remote as well as local computer. It has provisions to automatically find all the available computers connected in a network. Further it allows you to access the detailed information on the processes you are running on your remote system. You can learn about details like Process ID, Priority, Parent PID, Handles, owner information, Threads, CPU memory exhaustion et al.

Remote Process Explorer allows you to gain insights on the unknown software installed in your system. It helps you to retrieve information on the unknown installation from the net. This application would immediately prompt you in case the software turns out to be infected. The advantageous aspect of this application is that it exhibits all the system processes in form of a process tree. This allows you to easily navigate all the processes and their sub processes installed in your system.

This application gives you information on all the systems connected in a network. It maintains the cached list of remote systems locally to enhance the speed of the system. It efficiently displays both the cached and the real list of networked computers to the users. This application does not require the installation of any other software or additional plug-ins. All you need to do is simply download its files on your system for activating it. It is available for free of cost to the users.

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