Get Instant Access To Files And Folders Using Hawkscope

Oftentimes you’ll need to rush for some files and folders right away. There are several ways to get instant access to particular files and folders by creating their shortcuts on the desktop. However, if you have bunch of files and folders, then it will be messy over the desktop and you will be confused to choose the required files and folders immediately.

In that situation, you wish to have a utility tool that can allow you get quick access to any files and folders without following any hassled process. Here is the utility named Hawkscope, which allows you to get your hand on your required files and folders via pop up menu located at system tray area.


Once you’ve installed this application on your computer, a small icon will appear on the system. You can customize its settings according to your convenience and requirements.

Now simply add folder and files to “Quick Access” tab in order to get instant access. On the other hand, you can prevent some files to be opened by adding them to “Blacklist” tab. Hawkscope is a tiny yet powerful utility application, which consumes only 2MB space of your hard disk and it is compatible to almost all the Windows Operating systems.


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