Get Latest Updates For Your Nokia Handset Via The Nokia Firmware Updater

There are a number of companies today that manufacture mobile phones, but a very few of them allow customers to upgrade their phone’s software all by themselves. Nokia is the leader in this field and unlike most of its competitors it provides firmware upgrades for free.

These upgrades are essential because it enables the user to use the latest technology released with respect to the model the user is using. Nokia releases these firmware updates on a regular basis and are mostly for multimedia phones. The user needs to download these updates and then install them onto their phones.


The Nokia Software Updater or the Nokia Firmware Updater is the latest tool released by Nokia. It helps the users to get in touch with the latest updates available for their handsets. This handy tool also allows users to create backups of the existing files, as the files might get deleted while updating the software of your phone. The backup data can easily be restored on your phone after successful completion of the updates.

There are no compatibility issues with the Nokia Firmware Updater, the version for Windows 7 will be released soon.


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