Get Rid of “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5? from Right Click Menu

Immediately after installing any version or edition of Adobe Creative Suit CS5” in which “Adobe Bridge is immediately installed collectively. Whenever you click right click on a file or folder, a new right click option will appear named as “Browse in Adobe CS5”

Adobe Bridge is business application with main objective of connecting the various components of the “Creative Suit” collectively utilizing an interface the same as the file browser present in Adobe Photoshop. It includes the Photoshop processing features incorporated or can work similarly and simultaneously together with Photoshop. It is easily accessible from all additional elements of the creative suit.

Adobe Bridge might be a beneficial program, although the users that do not use Adobe Bridge, the addition of “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” in the right click menu will be waste and take unnecessary space.

For making the issue worse, Adobe does not offer a simple method to eliminate or disable the “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” menu context. Therefore, users who would like to remove or disable the admission of “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” has to follow the below mentioned tricks.

Run Registry Editor (RegEdit).

Navigate to the following registry key


Right click on the Bridge, and select Delete



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