Get Search Results Relevant To Your Current Location

In the recent past search engine giants Google has been busy launching the Google Chrome Operating System. During this phase the company also introduced the My Location Search for the iPhone 3.0. Search results of My Location are such that they are always relevant to the present location of the user. It works only with the Safari Browser.

In order to enable this new feature, the user has to visit the website from the Safari Browser and then activate or check the My Location command. Users can easily update their current location just by clicking the link indicating the “update” command. After successfully updating your location you will find it visible under the text box of the search engine.

For the purpose of privacy of users, the My Location search needs to be chosen from the preference tab located at the lower end of the page. The users can search and look for schools, clubs and restaurants in the surrounding areas.

Currently this service is available only in English throughout UK and USA. The My Location search for the iPhone is available at the iPhone Applications Store. The only drawback of this application is that it is only supported by the Safari browser, otherwise it is an excellent application that helps users in numerous ways.


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