Get The Feel Of Ubuntu In Windows XP

Windows a range of Operating Systems from Microsoft are the most used Operating Systems around the world. Ubuntu, another range of Operating System is also extremely popular. If a user has to move over to Windows XP from Ubuntu he can still have the flavor of Ubuntu in the newly installed Windows XP Operating system.

Installing the Ubuntu Theme specially designed for Windows XP helps the user get the look and feel of Ubuntu in Windows XP. The theme has been designed at DevianArt by FioreSSJ. Before downloading and installing the theme, the user needs to patch the uxtheme.dll file on their system.


After successfully installing the patch file, download the Ubuntu Theme from the following link Here

The theme consists of five vibrant color schemes like blue, orange, purple, green and graphite. Other than this, it also changes the original XP cursor to the cursor which looks like that of xFree. After successfully downloading the theme, extract its folder and then follow the following steps

  • Copy the files located in the Wallpaper folder to the destination C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper. 
  • From the Cursor folder copy files to the destination C:\Windows\Cursors. 
  • Files from the Fonts folder are to be copied to C:\Windows\Fonts
  • Click the Apply button



Changes will be made and you can successfully get the feel of Ubuntu in the Windows XP Operating System.


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