These days the Internet is filled with unknown viruses and Trojans which are affecting a lot of computers connected to the web in spite of the fact that some antivirus is already loaded in the system. The ultimate solution is the groundbreaking security software called Trend Micro which has been developed by an US based company.

The products of the company are called:

1) Trend Micro Internet Security Pro

2) Trend Micro Antivirus+ Antispyware and

3) Smart Surfing for Mac.

They provide perfect security needed for a system to protect it from all kind of viral threats. This software, once installed strictly monitors your each and every move which means that it tracks the sites you are visiting and make sure that those sites don’t have any viruses or Trojans.

It works automatically and no manual instruction is needed. But if you want, you can run the antivirus and anti-spy ware to check the security status of your computer. The best part is that this software does all these functions on its own. All you have to do is set a time for it to run and it will silently work at the background. So now whenever you are logging into a site or plugging an external device to your machine, you can be tension free as it will scan the device or the website first and only if its virus free, it will let you browse or use the external device. No other antivirus product has these advantages.


  1. I tend to agree with Lucy, as I am currently using BitDefender Internet Security 2009. The features that I like best and that Trend Micro does not provide are the IM encryption and the Laptop mode, which saves my battery by delaying scans until I plug in my laptop.

  2. I personnally believe that there are lots of products with the advantages mentioned above. One of them is BitDefender Total Security 2009 which has lots of features that helpes you a lot and protects you from viruses, spams, phishing and so on. It has a Gamer mode module which protects you while playing games and also a Vulnerability scan module which scans to see if there are potential vulnerabilities in the system.


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