Vista Start Menu is a good alternative to Windows’ standard menu startup option, for its creative and innovative layout and an easy-to-use interface. Vista Start Menu is specially designed to make your program accessing experience faster without the going through a system of numerous menu levels. In Vista Start Menu, all the programs are displayed in just one window, giving you ease to select your program preference. The main advantage of this software is its high compatibility with all the major servers including, versions of Windows, Window XP and Windows Vista.

Vista Start Menu has defined a new approach towards accessing start up menu options. Unlike the mundane and multiple menu system based start up menu of Microsoft Windows, Vista Start Menu, has been specially designed to help people remember the correct placement of the various programs in the window to allow a prompt access. This menu displays just the standard icons of the programs so that users can identify them with just a glance. Instead of a long list appearing on your desktop, with Vista Start Menu you have all the programs organized in a tabular format with varied divisions for a more streamlined appearance of the menu.

For accessing a program located in Vista Start Menu, all you need to do is locate the particular icon and click on it. If you want to access the sub files and folders saved in the program, just place the cursor on that file for a few seconds and you will be displayed all the files stored in form of a sub menu.

[ Download Vista Start Menu ]


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