Global translator is not doubt one of the best plugins I’ve used in the recent past, but I have my own set of complaints against it. There are two major issues I’m concerned about :

1> Global Translator has detected a problem with your filesystem permissions:
The stale dir /wp-content/plugins/global-translator/cache/stale cannot be read or modified.
Please chmod it to 777.

So basically the plugin expects you to change the cache and stale directory permissions to 777.

A possible security leak ??

Won’t this be an invitation for all the hackers to go ahead utilize this loop hole ?

and secondly

2> It eats up your resources. It re-writes each post, tag in 20 odd languages. No doubt it has increased the traffic flow to my blog, I’m starting to wonder if its worth it.

I write a post almost every single day and each post has around 3 – 4 tags. Global translator translates the post and the tags into diff languages. Each translated page is saved in the cache folder and averages 20 kb in size. Which means along with the tags, one single post will cost me anywhere from 80 – 100 kb extra data on my server. This is too costly for a blog which is updated regularly.

So, Global Translator guys should work at a better way to store, retrieve and modify the data which is translated into different languages. I may stop using this plugin soon as I feel the benefits are far less when compared to the load on my server 🙂 .



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