Gmail Account Hacked – Recover It Easily

E-mails are one of the most convenient ways to keep in touch with your loved ones as well as some business corporate. There are a number of free email providers these days. Some of the most popular of these are Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Rediff Mail, Gmail and lots more. Gmail is the service provided by the search engine giants Google.

Each of the users e-mail accounts have personal emails as well as some important emails relating to work. The only threat on this personal and important data is from hackers. Hackers hack into the user’s personal account and steal personal and important information. This can be pretty devastating as you could lose some secrets and some important stuff.

Recovering hacked accounts is extremely difficult and it gets worse if your password’s changed by the hacker. There are a few ways to recover hacked email accounts, but some hackers are just too smart and make the process of recovery all the more difficult. Google provides two ways to help the user recover back its hacked account. The two ways are mentioned below:

1.  The first and simplest technique of recovering the hacked account is by resetting the password of your account. If the user ever feels that his/her account has been fiddled with and the password’s still the same, then the first thing to be done is to change or reset the password. Users can change the passwords of their accounts by going to the following link:

On being directed to the above mentioned link, the user will be asked to provide its login name. If the user has his account verified by a mobile phone then the recovery code will be received on the concerned mobile number. The password of your account can thus be changed after entering the correct recovery code.


If no mobile number has been provided then the recovery code will be received as e-mail in your primary e-mail account. Every user needs o provide an alternate e-mail address before registering for an account. Thus the recovery code will be sent via email to the provided email address.

2.  The second technique of recovering from a hacked email account is by contacting the Google Support Team. Here the user has to prove that the account hacked is his by providing some relevant information. The user needs to visit the link and then provide the following information.

  • The date of account creation is needed. Users have to check the date of the first email received confirming the creation of your account.
  • You also need to provide the date of your last successful login.
  • Another field that needs to be filled is the last password which the user remembers. It can be the password prior to the one that has been changed.
  • Five email addresses to which the user sends or receives most number of emails.
  • Names of labels (if any) needs to be provided
  • Details of other services of Google that the user uses.


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