Tricks to Sign Up as In the Place Of as Login and Email Address

Google is called Google Mail in United Kingdom and Germany. The reason is due to the Gmail brand name privileges dispute in those two countries. Due to this, the users of Gmail in these two countries who wants to register and sign up this Gmail service of Google, will get an email address with domain “” in the place of the usual

They have to use it as default e-email address also when they sign in or login to Gmail. The email address of Gmail or Google Mail can be served as login username along with other Google Accounts.

Both the gmail domains are exchangeable, since any email dispatched to both [email protected] and [email protected] will be transported to same account’s inbox itself. So even if user had registered as, the mailbox or inbox also receives all the mails which are sent to with similar alias.

However, for the users who live in UK and Germany, if they need to have their email domain ending in instead of as their administrator email address or as their default login username and as sender address, there are some workarounds. Please read on to understand the tricks.

One of the easiest ways to get a ID is by requesting someone who is living outside the UK or Germany to sign up on your behalf. Once you get your ID and your password, you could change the password. You can also do it by yourself if you are traveling overseas, which is a safer option in terms of security.

If you are unable to have an account registered from outside of UK and Germany, then you can make use of a VPN tunnel that directs to non-UK and non-Germany servers and IP addresses. For instance, you could install the VPN client Hotspot Shield, open it and visit to register for the Google account newly.

Google servers will be forced to consider that you are communicating with their servers from USA or any other place where the VPN server is found, and therefore it will automatically suggest you a login name alternative as Using of the proxy server may fulfill the purpose too.

The third method, and the mainly dependable technique to register login name as a account from inside UK and Germany, is to alter the extremely right character in your sign up URL (or URL link location) from 1 to 2. It is another way is to sign up for registering as a email account.



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